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Illustration of a modern 2-storey home with counters, furniture and a staircase visible through the windows.

What to expect

Savings by Design is an end-to-end energy performance solution.

Receive Valuable Incentives and Benefits

Photo of a construction worker with a set of plans unrolled on a workbench outside at a new housing development.

Energy performance incentives.

For houses that achieve a 20% energy reduction target versus OBC 2017 with SB-12 Savings by Design provides the following incentives:
  • First time participants: $2,000 for each qualified home (up to maximum of 50 homes or $100,000)
  • Second time participants: $1,000 for each qualified home (up to maximum of 100 homes or $100,000)
  • Third time participants: $500 for each qualified home (up to maximum of 200 homes or $100,000)

* Only applies to homes qualified through SBD standards.

Integrated Design Process.

Savings by Design covers all costs of the Integrated Design Process including:

  • Visioning session and report
  • Preliminary energy model and IDP Session
    energy model
  • Integrated Design Process logistics,
    catering, facilitation, and design expert fees
  • Final IDP Session report
  • Up to a $25,000 value

Additional program benefits.

  • Identify clear and cost-effective strategies for achieving sustainability goals.
  • Get exclusive access to Canadian green building experts through an Integrated Design Process.
  • Increase your team's capacity and awareness of green building innovation and implementation.
  • Reinforce your corporate brand and the community's identity as a Savings by Design Project.
  • Address key challenges that may stop or delay development approval.

> Program eligibility and how to apply.