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What to expect

Savings by Design is an end-to-end energy performance solution.

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Program eligibility and how to apply

Other incentive programs that work with Savings by Design:
HPNC (High Performance New
Toronto Green Standard (TGS)

Step 1: Visioning Session

Facilitated by Sustainable Buildings Canada, the Visioning Session is a preliminary, one to two-hour meeting that helps to define your project requirements and sustainability priorities beyond energy efficiency.


How it works
At this session, the team will examine your specific project and typical design practices using a component checklist. It also includes the following:
  • Explore site, regulatory, and market conditions that impact the project requirements
  • Identify which issues will be prioritized in the Integrated Design Process Session (IDP)
  • Determine which members of the development team and external experts should attend the IDP session
What to prepare
You should complete as much of your project Visioning Form as possible in advance of the Visioning Session. Types of information required include:
  • General building details: location, size, uses
  • Typical construction details from your current practice: envelope, HVAC, lighting, water
  • Project market positioning/or user profile
  • Corporate sustainability strategy/objectives.
  • A set of project drawings for the building or if those are unavailable, a similar project in your portfolio.
Who should attend
  • The project lead
  • A design team member
  • Your sustainability manager


Step 2: Integrated Design Process Session


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