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What to expect

Savings by Design is an end-to-end energy performance solution.

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Program eligibility and how to apply

Other incentive programs that work with Savings by Design:
HPNC (High Performance New
Toronto Green Standard (TGS)

Program eligibility and how to apply

To qualify for the program, buildings must meet the following criteria:

  • Commercial, Institutional, Multi-Residential or Industrial Buildings covered under the Ontario Building Code (OBC) Part 3.
  • A minimum threshold of 50,000 square feet or aggregate “same construction” projects built within the program time requirement that equal 50,000 square feet or more. For example banks, schools, and retail buildings.
  • Building(s) must be within the Enbridge Gas service area.
  • Building(s) must be in the design phase or earlier.
  • Building must be completed within 5 years of signing the agreement.

Buildings participating in other incentive programs such as High Performance New Construction (HPNC) are still eligible to participate.

How to apply

Should you have any questions regarding the information required to complete your application, please contact your Energy Advisor.


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